Town of Massachusetts
Town Hall
Herring Run in Summer Little Sandy Bottom Pond
100 Center Street, Pembroke, MA 02359 Treasurer Collector




Does the town owe you money?

Kathleen McCarthy
Treasurer/ Collector

Jennifer Grasso, Assistant Treasurer
Stacey Cosby, Assistant Collector

Address:  Treasurer/Collector’s Office
                  100 Center Street
                  Pembroke, MA 02359

Phone:      781 293-3893 (Treasurer)
                  781 293-2671 (Collector) 

Fax:          781 294-9310 

Hours:    Office hours: Monday 8:30AM to 7:00PM. Tuesday- Friday 8:30AM - 4:30PM
                (Excluding Holidays)

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Treasurer/Collector’s Office Responsibilities

The Treasurer/Collector’s Office is responsible for the collection of all monies due to the Town including:

Real Estate Taxes / Community Preservation Funds
Motor Vehicle Excise Taxes
Personal Property Taxes
Water Bills
Municipal User Bills 
Municipal Lien Certificates ($50 fee and sase)
Departmental Receipts    

The office of the Treasurer/Collector is responsible for the receipt, investment and disbursement of all Town funds, billing and collection of all taxes, and issuance of municipal lien certificates.  The Treasurer’s office receives all monies which come into the town, is responsible for the administration of employee health and life insurance programs; including payroll and accounts payables for the School and Town. The Treasurer/Collector works with the Selectmen and the Accountant’s departments to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of the Town’s finances. 

Bills are Mailed for Fiscal 2015

Preliminary billing (Estimated bill based on approximately 50 % of previous tax year)
               First Quarter due by August 1st, 2014
..............Second Quarter due by November 3rd, 2014

Actual billing  (Assessed Value and Tax Rate Set)
               Third Quarter due by February 2nd, 2015
...............Fourth Quarter due by May 1st, 2015


Now payable online! It's fast and easy!